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On The Wild Side - Cleansing Oil - 100ml

On The Wild Side - Cleansing Oil - 100ml

This lightweight oil easily removes impurities and make-up, including waterproof mascara. It's gentle, doesn't dry out the skin, and can be rinsed off easily. Plus, it's enriched with our patented duo of regenerating wild plants. Delicate fragrance of sweet almond and plum.

Sunflower oil to make the skin soft an supple without being comedogenic. It helps to preserve the skin's natural moisture level.

Plum oil to soften and fight the signs of skin ageing, while providing tone and softness.

Aloe vera water rich in vitamins and amino acids, to eliminate dead skin cells that clog the skin's pores.

Chamomile water to soothe and relieve sensitive skin while improving skin radiance.

Two active ingredients derived from wild plants: beech bud and birch sap. In synergy, these two active ingredients help to:

Improve cell regeneration

- Strengthen the skin's barrier function

- Slow down the process of oxidative stress

The cleansing oil is 100% natural and Ecocert-certified organic.

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