Product Care Guide

General maintenance:

Keep in a dust bag and in a dry environment when not in use.

Dirt stains: brush softly when dry and wipe softly with a slightly damp cloth if needed 
Dust: wipe with a dry lintless cloth 

Do not wash
Do not submerge in water
Do not dry clean
Do not tumble dry

Suede and leather espadrilles:

We advise spraying them with a waterproof product specific to this material before the first use for protection.
Stains can easily be removed with the help of a soft shoe brush or a cloth, and then spray again on a regular basis.
On leather espadrilles, leather cream or conditioner can be used. 

Canvas and cotton espadrilles:

We recommend using mild soapy water and slightly wet a brush, a cotton cloth, or a hard sponge.
Apply it very gently. 
Try it first in a less visible area.

Jute sole:

Soles are made of woven jute.
Avoid contact with water.
Apply a waterproof spray for better protection.

If the soles get wet:
Try to avoid walking in them.
Place the pair in a dry and ventilated area until dry. 
If needed, manually dry with a hairdryer at cold temperature.