New Chapter: Introducing Bastide Colombe!

Badt and Co was founded 8 years ago with the vision to bring the essence of the Mediterranean culture to Singapore.

Over the years, Badt and Co has found its place in the Lion City thanks to you, our supportive and enthusiastic customers. 

Amidst recent changes in directorship and the relocation of our Flagship Store to Cluny Court, nestled at the gate of Botanic Gardens, we are thrilled to announce the beginning of a new chapter for our company.
To mark this momentous occasion, the company will be rebranded to Bastide Colombe

Why Bastide Colombe?

Bastide in French designates a traditional country mansion in the South of France, immersed in Mediterranean landscapes,
surrounded by wild and exquisite nature: lavender fields and
cypress trees.

is the French word for dove. It is the universal symbol for freedom and love.

The combination of Bastide and Colombe resonates perfectly with the values of our brand, both casual and sophisticated, celebrating the love and passion for tradition and handcrafted techniques, and the freedom of the artist inspired by endless summer.

Bastide Colombe will continue to embrace the essence of our original vision: to curate handcrafted pieces that embody unique and timeless design, meticulously crafted in tradition by the finest artisans

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