Meet the Designer | Wolf & Byrd

Meet the Designer | Wolf & Byrd

We fell in love with Wolf & Byrd, a gorgeous women’s fashion label, designed in Singapore. Their collection showcases timeless pieces made from lightweight and comfortable materials, exuding a sense of elegance and luxury, with a modern twist.

We had the pleasure to meet with Bhajinder, the designer behind this beautiful brand.

Can you tell us more about yourself? Where did you grow up?

I was born in Singapore and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. My career journey initially took me through business school and the corporate world. However, I eventually decided to follow my passion for creativity, striking out on my own to reconnect with my authentic self and pursue a purpose-driven life. The diverse experiences I gained from living in both Singapore and New Zealand have profoundly shaped my perspective and approach to life and business.

How did you decide to start your own fashion label?

Starting my own fashion label was a natural progression in my quest to live authentically and inspire others. I view fashion as a powerful medium for storytelling and self-expression, extending beyond mere dressing to encapsulate ideas about identity and purpose. My brand aims to blend purpose, people, and profitability, creating meaningful fashion that uplifts and empowers. Through our collaborations with Daughters Of Tomorrow, each sale contributes to helping marginalized women re-enter the workforce. My mission is to expand this impact, supporting women's health, career, education, and overall wellbeing globally.

Where do you find your design inspiration?

My design inspiration comes from everyday experiences and the inspiring people around me. Each collection tells a story, representing a chapter in the life of The Wolf and Byrd Woman. I aim to capture different life stages through a storytelling approach while maintaining a core of classic modernity. Fashion, to me, is about self-expression rather than replicating trends. Wolf and Byrd provide a canvas for women to express themselves through their fashion choices. Each piece is designed with intention, imbued with meaning and affirmations to inspire and empower the wearer. For instance, Volume 4's care labels include affirmations reflecting the style's essence, reminding women of the energy they embody when wearing Wolf and Byrd.

Tell us more about your sustainability approach in your collection.

As an independent label, we prioritize quality production and limit our pieces per style and color to avoid overconsumption and ensure exclusivity. Our aim is for our garments to last through multiple seasons with proper care. In our current collection, we repurposed fabric off-cuts to create pleats for our Lumière Top and have used sustainable fabrics like Tencel in earlier collections. We also use eco-friendly packaging for all online orders. Sustainability is an ongoing journey for us, and we continuously strive to improve our processes to positively impact both people and the environment.

What is your favorite piece and why?

My favorite piece from our latest collection is the Sophistique Dress, available in six colors. I love the discreet herringbone pattern that adds an elevated touch to this classic dress. Its versatility allows you to dress it up or down—pair it with pants and sneakers for a casual day look or with heels and dramatic accessories for an evening event. Whether styled formally or informally, the Sophistique Dress maintains an elevated, luxurious, and sophisticated appearance. 


Coming in at a close second is the Vitalité Blouse, available in five colors. This blouse exudes luxury with its satin fabric, and the cape detail makes me feel like a powerful superheroine. It's incredibly versatile, pairing perfectly with pants and sneakers for a polished yet casual look or with our pencil skirt for the ultimate fiercely feminine ensemble.

Find the collection at Bastide Colombe, #03-17A Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, Singapore.

And online:

Wolf and Byrd || Styles For The Empowered, Modern Woman

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