Meet the Designer | OPOI Paris

Meet the Designer | OPOI Paris

Infused by her French & Italian roots, and her background in Luxury accessories, Estelle Morelli continued to deploy her design skills, throughout a unique style: activewear with a chic twist. After launching OPOI in 2023 in Paris, Estelle has just moved to Singapore with her family...and her new collection!

I instantly connected with Estelle, over a cup of good Italian coffee, and I had the pleasure to learn more about her beautiful brand.   

How did OPOI start?

OPOI started after the birth of my daughter during the Covid lockdown. I spent time to look after my daughter and do lots of sport, yoga, Pilates, fitness...  And I loved wearing gym clothes all day long. Soon a question came to me: "If I want to stay in this sportswear look all the time, but still want to be chic and wear my vintage, feminine luxury pieces, what sportswear would allow me to mix up my looks like this? "And by talking to other women around me, I wasn't the only one who wanted a new sportswear brand that would find a common language between luxury, chic and sport! " Then I decided to create OPOI.

What is the story behind the name “OPOI”?

OPOI is a contraction of an Italian famous expression: Prima o poi and that means sooner or later, it was my answer for a next generation of sportwear outfit. 

Where do you find your design inspiration?

I am Italian and French. I have many family memories in Italy, and I've worked in Paris for prestigious luxury houses such as LANVIN , ROGER VIVIER , ELIE SAAB ... so the idea of drawing inspiration from French elegance and Italian dolce vita is a natural fit for me, this is all I love!

Tell us more about the sustainability approach in your collection.

After the first design steps, I spent over a year meeting factories in Europe, and I selected the ones with the most eco-responsible production practices. In terms of materials, I ensure to source premium MADE IN FRANCE technical materials already used by major French luxury groups. They are Oeko-Tex® certified, which guarantees that our finished products contain no toxic substances.

What do you like most about Singapore?

For me, Singapore completely reflects OPOI values. A mindset of wellness and sportsmanship. The sensibility and education of elegance and chic is also everywhere in Singapore. And above all, this incredible modernity. Because OPOI is first and foremost a modern, elegant answer for modern women. 

Find the collection at Bastide Colombe, #03-17A Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, Singapore. 

And online: 

 OPOI PARIS New activewear retro chic brand for workout and all moments (

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